The Children’s Islamic Library has been established to provide children with access to a wide and comprehensive range of Islamic children’s products that would normally be inaccessible due to high costs, and difficult to obtain. Our primary aim Inshallah, is to familiarise children with Islamic concepts as well as develop a love for this amazing religion through the wide range of books, toys, board games, computer games, videos, CDs and DVDs that are Alhamdulillah available today. We also have resources for young adults, as well as a section for parents, to aid in the weighty task of raising happy and successful Mini-Muslims.

We also aim to provide an Islamic venue for parents to take children to during holidays. We hold children’s events such as Story Times and Activity Days, and are hoping to increase such activities in the near future. We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the donors, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to set up this library up. We pray that Allah (swt) rewards them in this life, and the hereafter inshallah. Please remember their Marhumeen with a Sura Fateha.

Online Islamic Resources for Children

In order to aid parents and teachers in this task of implanting Islamic knowledge into children, we have compiled a list of useful websites which make Islamic learning fun! As with the library items, some items may portray the beliefs of the Ahle-Sunnah; however, we have left them on the list as they contain good games on neutral topics, e.g. to teach the Arabic Alphabet. If you know of any other websites not currently on the list, please do e-mail us and we will update the list below, Inshallah.

Islamic Games, Puzzles, Stories and More:

Educational/Quranic Resources:

Children’s Islamic Resources (including Certificates, Behaviour, Qur’an and Salaah Charts, etc):

(Only a few listed here; internet searches can show you more)

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