Alhamdulillah we have held many activities for children here, especially during half term and full term holidays. These activities include story times, competitions, treasure hunts, garden play and much more. We have had too many Story Times to list, but please find details of the Activity Days below.

For upcoming activities, please check the What’s New section. All members will be informed of such activities via e-mail.

Iqra Time – Ramadan Special

On Friday 18th May, 2018, Alhamd we had a supercharged session with Allah's special Superheroes yesterday at Iqra Time, where we learned about the Superpower strength called Taqwa. Taqwa is of two parts, staying away from bad things - fasting with our bodies and doing lots of good deeds - the Ramadhan Rainbow

We made wrist and ankle cuffs and masks to remind our bodies to not do bad and we need to complete our Ramadan Rainbows so we can get lots of good deeds!

A special superhero magnetic clip was made to keep our rainbows visible and safe! Description: emoji

We read the book 'Too Young To Fast' by Khizar Husain (downloadable on iOS Farfaria app) a simple book, perfect for little ones, about a boy who was too young to fast but could do other things in this special month. We also looked at a very special experiment about floating and sinking

The famous Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song got a whole new meaning with this powerful starting verse "We can fast with our....Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes..." It was a super charged day! ZAPP POW

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Iqra Time – Party in the Park

Alhamd! We had our little party in the park today, on the 11th of May, 2018!

It was exciting to see some Show & Tells, we had an Areeza and a picture of Masjid as Sahla

The party bags consisted of a little book and colourful gel pen to remind us to write to I.Mahdi (af) every week and a suncatcher to remind us to be ‘suncatchers’ while he is behind the clouds Description: emoji There’s a rhyme too, see pic

Then we welcomed the holy month of Ramadhan with the book ‘My First Ramadhan’, had a sweet Oreo treat to learn about the moon we’ll be looking for InshA!

Not forgetting the special binoculars with our special rhyme. Since S.Ramadhan is soo soo special we’ll try being our best at all times! We’ll use everyday colors to remind us:

• Red - to do lots of good deeds
• Orange - Recite the H.Quran
• Yellow - be cheerful
• Green - be kind to our planet and not be wasteful
• Blue - no fighting or quarreling!
• Ahlan Wa Sahlan Shahr Ramadhan Description: emoji

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Iqra Time – Imam Mahdi (aj)

On Friday the 27th of June, 2018, we sang and talked about Imam Mahdi (af) for his upcoming Birth Anniversary Description: emoji

Although the party and Show and Tell was postponed until the next session, we enjoyed doing our magical craft which hopefully really emphasizes the whole ‘Sun Behind The Cloud’ concept!

Extracts from The Book ‘Where is My Imam?’ By Marhuma Shelina Kermali was retold.

Invisible paint (lemon juice) was our magic potion that was painted on the sun. And when there are enough GOOD DEEDS and PEOPLE to *warm up* this world (use a heat source eg iron, hair dryer, oven under caution) the Golden Sun just like our Imam (af) will InshA appear!

Lemon juice once dried is invisible on paper but when subjected to a heat energy is oxidized and appears yellowish Golden Description: emoji Cotton wool for clouds and Rainbow strips with all the good things Imam (af) will bring to this world Description: we cant wait! Al Ajjal Al Ajjal O Imam!!

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Iqra Time – Prophet Nuh

Friday 16th March was a blast at Iqra Time! We had roaring lions, cheeky mice and playful pups to sail aboard P.Nuh’s ark!

We sang our Dhikr rhymes, read the story from Learning Roots rhyming story perfect for little ones called ‘The Story of Nuh’ and our special rhyme was from QFatima‘s awesome collection of rhymes for kids.

A splashy experiment and rocking craft reinforced how we need to always Listen, Obey and Trust Allah SWT to be safe

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Iqra Time – Allah Knows All About Us and Our Feelings

At the very animated Iqra Time on the 9th of February, 2018, we looked at feelings and how Allah knows All About Us and Our Feelings!

There were dhikr rhymes, Iqra books and a Big Feelings cup craft with faces and Allah’s Dhikr to help that feeling!

Two books were read: The Feelings Book by Todd Parr and Allah Knows All About Me by @learning roots* We learned how our body - our eyebrows, eyes, mouth and shoulders - look when we’re feeling Happy, Unwell/Hurt, Mad/Impatient and Sad.

Also learned that Wudhu helps us calm down (see rhyme in photos)

Two special rhymes for this session were:

Rhyme 1:
• If you’re happy and you know it ... Say Alhamdulillah
• If you’re Unwell or hurting... Say Ya Shafi
• If you’re mad or impatient.... Say Ya Saabiru
• If you’re sad and you know it .... Say Ya Allah

Rhyme 2
• Sung to This is the way we brush our teeth tune, is in the photos.
• Add a magnetic sticky on the back of the crafts and put them up on the fridge or somewhere visible so you’re little one can relate and use it regularly InshA!

Some more Feelings activities can be found here:

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Creative Writing Workshop

Alhamdulillah we had a successful Creative Writing workshop over the February half-term of 2018, inspired by the life of Lady Fatima (as).

Thirty 5 to 7 year olds began by listening to the story of Maryam's Doll (in Adventures of a Qur'anic Family by Sun Behind The Cloud Publications Ltd), which is the story of how Maryam is inspired to give her favourite doll away because she remembers how Bibi Fatima (as) did so with her wedding dress. We discussed the verse 3:92 - Lantanalul Birra - which talks of giving out of what we love the most.

The children then split into two groups and began by writing down 6 things they loved, followed by 6 things they shared. The two were compared and discussed, making them think about whether they would share the things that they loved, like Bibi Fatima (as).

They then went on to make a craft which showed the story of the poor man at the door, and allowed the children to move Bibi Fatima (as) across the page to open the door, then back to where her dress was, and then back again to give the dress away. They were encouraged to use this craft to relay the story to their friends.

Finally, they were then invited to write the story in their own words. They were extremely attentive and enjoyed this very much!

Twenty 8 to 11 year olds went upstairs to work with Zayn Gulamhussein, a teacher and tutor with years of experience. They too were introduced to the story of the wedding dress and then asked to begin thinking of a story along those lines, entitled 'The Pain of Giving'. Using a worksheet to help them plan their story, along with some creative writing games, they were well on their way and managed to write up some original and well thought out short stories by the end!

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Iqra Time – Sura Feel and Hats of Faith

On the 26th of January at Iqra Time, we stomped like elephants and even tried on a Jewish hat with Payots just like our Jewish brothers!

Thank you to the very talented Hajera Memon of Shade 7 Limited who shared two of her amazing publications - S.Feel Pop Up book and Hats of Faith.

The session started with Dhikr Rhymes featuring our Stomping rhyme to mark the event. There were stories, matching game from Hats of Faith and a blowing craft. Some little posers were even caught on camera!

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Iqra Time – Bibi Fatima (as)

We had lots of fun learning about B.Fatima (as) on the 12th of January at Iqra Time!

There were rhymes, an interactive story board (see pics) and crafts.

The story board consisted of A3 posters and lots of Velcro images to make it interactive eg roof, windows, Angels etc

The crafts included making a flower with B.Fatima’s names, Tasbih making with pipe cleaner and beads and Tasbih dot sticking.

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Iqra Time – Hassanah Hunt

On Thursday 30th November, the Children’s Islamic Library introduced Iqra Time! Led by Aaliya Mavani and especially for little ones, the session began with rhymes, a little Hassanah Hunt and then crafts.

For The Hassanah Hunt, 5 things were used: Toothbrushes, a smiley lamp, pomegranate, perfume and shoes.

See captions of pics for the words for the hunt. The session was finished with crafts using a variety of media - sticking, sprinkling, ripping, etc All kids were given a fun toothbrush to take home! View Gallery

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Khayaal Theatre – Prophet Isa

Over the Christmas break in 2017, we had the honour and pleasure of having Khayaal Theatre present the story of Prophet Isa and other stories. As is evident from the pictures, the audience were captivated by the range of tools used by this amazing theatre to make the stories real and engaging!

Jazakallah to Khayaal Theatre!

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Interactive Haj Simulation

Hajj Day at the Children's Islamic Library!

Children 10 and under were invited to take part in a Hajj Simulation on Wednesday 30th August, 2017. They went through different stations as detailed below:


Aim: To make them understand the effect of the RIGHT Niyyah - Those that hope to get closer to Allah SWT by doing the RIGHT NIYYAH will find it easy to find their way to the RIGHT direction.

- Magnetise needle in a circle motion

- Place magnetised needle on a piece of paper floating on water (in a bowl)

- The needle will spin until it aligns in the direction of the compass

- Now place non-magnetic material - this will not necessarily face the compass direction


Aim: Emphasise that Arafaah is all about contemplation and ask for forgiveness.

- Ask them to write two bad deeds on the white board.

- Spraying water is like reflecting on the act - it starts to do something but doesn't totally get rid of it

- With Istaghfar insh Allah will forgive that action


Aim: To prepare our pebbles for Jamaraat and rest under the beautiful night sky. admire Allah’s beautiful creation - The night sky filled with stars and prepare for Jamaraat (pelting the devil).

- Write down 3 (or more) bad deeds on the pieces of papers

- Scrunch up and make it into a pebble to use to pelt at Jamaraat


Aim: Think of our actions and pelt away the whisperings of Shaytaan from inside and outside.

- Get them to throw their pebbles at the Jamaraats


Aim: To give up an action that is not so good so we can get closer to Allah and make Him happy

Remind story of P.Ibrahim sacrificing P.Ismaeel

- They write one (not so good) thing they’ll try to give up for Allah’s pleasure and stick it on the sheep prop.

- Little ones can just stick cotton wool


Aim: Thinking of our days of the week and making Allah central to everything we do

- Do tawaaf around the Kaaba!


Aim: Show Maqam Ibrahim and tell them about P.Ibrahim’s footsteps imprinted on the ground when he stood after building the H.Kaaba. After Tawaaf we pray 2 rakaat Salaah behind Maqam Ibrahim.

- Go through actions of a 2 rakaat salaah.


Aim: To understand that we need to constantly strive in Allah’s way and not give up hope just like B.Hajra!

- Do Sa'ee!


Aim: To get to know other people who also love Allah so much and realise how we are not alone, there are millions of others who are also striving to get to closer to Allah SWT!

- Time to socialise and enjoy!

Alhamdulillah, the children loved learning about the Hajj through this interactive way! There was also a story on Hajj to wrap up the day J

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Public Speaking Workshop

Alhamdulillah, we had the Public Speaking workshop and Story-Time session on Wednesday 15th February, 2017!

The 8 to 10 year olds had their session first upstairs with Public Speaker Mentors Safia Tharoo and Sarah Yusufali Fazel. They all had opportunities to come up and speak and read out texts, and then worked on their public speaking skills such as tone, voice projection, etc... They were followed in the second hour by the 11 to 13 year olds.

Downstairs, keeping with the theme of public speaking, we had Islamic Story Bags in a room where the younger children could go through the bags and tell the story of what happened to their parents (or vice versa!). The bags ranged from Sura Feel to Prophet Musa, Prophet Adam and much more... There were also two related crafts for them to do - they could make the apple tree from Prophet Adam's story as well as make an origami whale from Prophet Yunus' story!

We finished off as always with Story Time - the stories chosen were recent additions to the library and focused on tales of refugees and their struggles, appropriate for little ones to get an understanding of the current situation but without overwhelming them with the details. Stories and books are an essential and necessary medium to allow our children to learn about the world around them!

Lastly - Alhamdulillah, the event raised £177 for Yemen!

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Muharram Half-Term Event

Alhamdulillah, the Muharram half-term event at the Children's Islamic Library on Thursday 27th October 2016 was so well attended, and all ages children ended up being very busy indeed!

Downstairs, children created a wall of mosaic art - each chose a word related to the event of Kerbala that meant something to them, and then went on to decorate this word using materials of their choice. These different mosaic tiles then went on a wall to make a magnificent display. The children also had access to all the books and games from the library - it was great to see all these materials being used by so many!

Upstairs the children aged 7 and older were honoured to have a workshop with renowned recitors! Muhammad Datoo (from Voices of Passion) led a nauha writing workshop, along with support from Muhammad Abbas Khakhi, Ali Panju and Sakina and Sabiha Rahemani (Rahemani Sisters). They chose a nauha 'Countless Voices' and then worked on creating a new verse or two for that in their groups and individually.

They then joined everybody else downstairs and after Story Time, some shared their new verses for all to hear. They recited beautifully and we look forward to a new generation of recitors for the Ahlul Bayt, Inshallah! Until next time... Description: emoji

P.S. Oh yes! We specifically requested no Fatiha to be brought (as is usually the custom for Muharram majalis - see some thoughts on that here: Instead the library provided a simple fruit jelly pack, and we asked for people to bring in some loose change or contribute whatever they wanted for charity instead. Alhamdulillah the response was great, with someone even bringing in their entire money box for us to break and use! We managed to raise a grand total of £122.35, which will be going straight to those in need, via Hujjat Jamaat, with the thawaab going to all the families' Marhumeen Inshallah.

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Ramadan Ice-Off

Alhamdulillah, we had the Ice-Off on the 1st of June, 2016 and it was fantabulous to see all the creativity emerging from the children!

4-6 year olds (and siblings!) decorated moon and gingerbread biscuits, then decorated the baskets to put them in as well. They then had a chance to play some games and read some books from the library...

During that time, the 7-11 year olds gather upstairs for their event with their cakes. Our awesome baking expert volunteer for the day showed them some icing techniques and then let them loose! They used fondant, buttercream, coloured icing pens, and toppings... and created some Ramadan masterpieces! While they joined the rest downstairs for Story Time (where we read Ramadan themed books, of course!), their cakes were judged and two children each from the 7-8 year old category and 9-11 year old category were chosen - although this was a VERY tough decision.

We finished off with ziyarat and Dua Faraj - and the kids went home on a high (some of that was sugar induced, i must admit!)

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Science and Islam Day

The Children’s Islamic Library held a Science and Islam day for children ages 7 and older on Tuesday 5th April, 2016. Alhamd we had a full turn out (due to space issues it was capped at 20) – and they had a busy 2 hours of fun and learning!

It began with them forming into teams, which were named after famous Muslim scientists. They then each received a pack of miscellaneous information on these scientists which they had to order and match. The focus was then on one of these scientists in particular – Abbas ibn Firnas, the first man to try to fly. After discussing more about him, the children then went on to try and create their own flying machines – made out of recyclable material.

It began with them forming into teams, which were named after famous Muslim scientists. They then each received a pack of miscellaneous information on these scientists which they had to order and match. The focus was then on one of these scientists in particular – Abbas ibn Firnas, the first man to try to fly. After discussing more about him, the children then went on to try and create their own flying machines – made out of recyclable material.

The teams each presented their gliders to the group, explaining why they had chosen to make what they had, and were peer-marked on them, including appearance – I loved the finishing touches they put on! Now came the test! To see whether it would fly, they dropped their gliders from a height – each flight was timed, and points given to the teams accordingly. We even had one fly all the way to the end of the next door neighbour’s garden!

After a snack, the day was topped off with a science quiz, where the children answered Islamic and general knowledge questions on science – it was very interactive with them having to physically demonstrate some answers, as well as solve some anagrams to get to the right answer. These were totalled up and the winners announced! They were all winners, in my opinion!

For the lesson plan, activity sheet and quiz, pls see:

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Animals in the Quran

On Tuesday the 22nd of March, 2016 we held an event for the under 4’s on Quran teachings. This session was teaching them about Animals in the Quran.

MashAllah we had a great number of children sign up for the event.

We began by singing our salaam alaikum song, and then introducing our Amina and Yousuf dolls. Yousuf told the children that he was going to sing them a song and they had to guess what the topic of the day was. We all sang Old Mc’Donald and the children guessed we were talking about animals.

Next we did circle time where the kids had to sing “what’s in my bag’ and a few lucky children got to come up and pick from the bag. Inside they found different animals mentioned in the Quran! Whales, cows, horse, pig, spider, elephant etc. We made the animal sounds and learned the Arabic names for the animals.

To get the children moving, we did a little physical dance where the children got up and acted like the animals through song – they loved this!

After that we broke for our arts and crafts activity. The children used all the crafts they were given to create either a whale, ant or elephant paper plate. They came up with some super art work.

To end it all we read a story on animals in the Quran and sang our fiaminallah song.

The children seemed to really enjoy the session and learned a lot.

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Yoga and Islam Activity Day

On the 17th of February, 2016, the Children’s Islamic Library held a Yoga and Islam Activity Day. The event was attended by over 70 children (not including under 4s!) – we raised £213 for charity :).

The children attended their yoga sessions, where the instructor linked it in to Islamic stories and movements. They also made crafts about Bibi Zainab (as), played with the Islamic games available, read books and we finished off with Story Time at the end.

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Ramadhan and Eid Decoration Craft Session

On Wednesday 27th May, 2015, the Children’s Islamic Library held an Ramadhan and Eid Decoration Craft Session! Parents and children gathered for a crafty session where they made Ramadhan and Eid decor in preparation for the month ahead!

The usual array of Islamic books and toys were also available, and it ended with Story Time as always!

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Library Re-opening Programme at Stanmore

On the 20th of February, 2014, we had a re-opening of the Children's Islamic Library here in Stanmore, London at our new location - check out some pics!

From 2.30pm, everyone was welcomed in by a young helper with some name labels, and began to play with the puzzles and games from the library that were laid out. There was also a movie playing (Muhammad, the Last Messenger) for those who were interested (but to be honest, most children were having too much fun with the games!)

Then at 3pm there was a short interactive talk on READING and also it's significance in Islam. This was followed by several activites based on reading - one was a bookmark kit for the younger children to make, another was a blank book cover for older children to make up acrostic poems or stories on, and lastly, there was a book worm bunting for the children to decorate, which will go up around the library Inshallah.

At 4pm there was a short talk by a representative from a newly released magazine, (Young Hussainy). Then there was Story Time which the children thoroughly enjoyed, finished off with Dua-e-Faraj and fatiha on the way out. :)

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Movie Fundraiser for Pakistan

On Tuesday the 9th of April, the Children’s Islamic Library held a Movie Afternoon to raise funds for the families of the victims of recent targeted killings of Shias in Pakistan. The children paid £5 to watch a movie on a large screen called “Adventures in Zambezia” – all the money went straight to the appeal. The film highlights the importance of teamwork; Sukaina Mukhtar then gave a 10 minute talk on relating this concept of teamwork to raising money and helping children and families in need, and talked a little about the fundraiser objective. The children then went on to write letters of the families and decorated these letters and envelopes with stickers – we are now trying to get these letters to the families in Pakistan, and inshallah let them know that we are actively thinking and praying for them. The day then ended with Story Time. Alhamdulillah, we raised about £200 for the appeal, and the children also had a fun and full of learning afternoon at the same time!

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The 'Fill My Cup' and Story Time Event

Do you know that it costs only £2 per month to feed breakfast to a child in Kenya? That is about the same price as one ice cream. I was shocked when I found this out after I read an advert on the World Federation website asking people to raise some money and give it to Kenyan children so that they could at least have breakfast every day. I felt extremely sad to hear that they didn’t have food to start their day. It is very difficult to concentrate at school without breakfast. I really wanted to do something to help these children.

So I had an idea to hold a fundraising event to raise money to give to the Kenyan children. My mum helped me to organise it with the Children’s Islamic Library (

The occasion happened on the afternoon of Friday 8th June 2012 at the library in Dar al Tableegh (Harefield, London). The fundraising event took over the whole place for the afternoon, and we turned it from a dull building into a fantastic fete, so people would enjoy themselves and spend more money towards the Kenyan charity.

To make sure people spent their money, we had stalls including lots of food, candyfloss-making, lemonade, popcorn as well as things you can keep such as used toys and books and Punjabi shirts and hijaabs. Children could get their face painted, have mini-manicures, get glitter tattoos, have mehndi put on their hands, have their hair braided and mums could have other beauty treatments like threading. There were lots of arts and crafts too, like bracelet making, crown making, scratch art door hangers and bookmarks. There were also lots of games such as Decorate your own Cake or Biscuit, Knock the Cans down, Don’t Buzz the Wire, Guess the Teddy’s name, Guess which Cup the Sweet is Under and Lucky Dip. Upstairs there was also an obstacle course and a football game where we could get three tries to score a goal!

Everything was priced between 50p and £2. Afterwards we counted the money and discovered we had raised £1235.15. A few days later an anonymous person donated £2,000 to the fund. So, in total we collected £3,235.15! This will feed a Kenyan child breakfast for 4 years or 1,660 children for a month! Alhamdulillah, people are STILL donating so that total is now even more.

I felt very happy that the children would get what they needed and that I had been able to help. I thanked Allah for being able to help other people even in a small way. I hope the children in Kenya are enjoying their breakfast and doing very well at school.

By Maryam Janmohamed, aged 9

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Commemorating the tragedy of Kerbala – December 2011

On the 22nd of December, the Childrens Islamic Library held a childrens majlis to commemorate the tragedy of Kerbala. The program began at 1.30pm, the children were welcomed in and invited to choose a book or game to read or play. At 1.45pm the program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by Marsia and then followd by a short interactive talk on "Love in Kerbala" which was suitable for all ages. After the talk the children sat in a large circle, and the lights were switched off and a candle was lit. The candle was passed to each child and the child said one thing that they had learned from the tragedy of Kerbala. The children then did maatam. The program wrapped up with a craft activity, where the children made a thank you card for someone who helps us in the community - but who we don't usually say thanks to e.g. a policeman, fireman, gardener etc. Some of the children then went outside to play. When leaving the children were handed fatiha.

“Recently we attended a Majlis-e-Husayn held at the library. After the short talk on the topic of love the children went on to make small cards for the people in their lives that they do not always have a chance to say thank you to. My little one made a lovely heart shaped one for our dear post lady. For Christmas , we stuck it on her present. She was touched and it has started a lovely relationship with her. She even went out of her way recently, to search for a missing parcel at the sorting office. Thanks to the Children’s Islamic Library we were inspired to reach out into our community.”

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Prophet Muhammad (saw) Activity Day – February 2011

On the 23rd of February, the Children’s Islamic Library held an Activity Day for 4-7 year olds to celebrate the wiladat of the Prophet. The program began at 2.30pm, when children were welcomed in and invited to choose a book and read. At 2.45pm, the children were given a small talk on the Prophet, and were taught his beautiful characteristics by associating the first letter of his name with them, as below:

• M – most forgiving
• U – understanding
• H – honest
• A – amazing
• M – merry (used to play with Imam Hassan and Hussein on his back)
• M – most fair/just
• E – energetic
• D – determined

They were then split into two groups – one group went to do a craft project, where they made a timeline of the main events of the Prophet’s life. The other group played two games – ‘Pig in the Middle’ where the person who managed to catch the ball had to answer a question from the talk, and one by one they all had a chance to answer a question. They then played ‘Pass the Parcel’ – here, every time somebody was holding the parcel when the nasheed stopped, they had to say what they loved about the Prophet and what they wanted to gift to him. We had a wide range of amazing answers, including the gift of saying 'Salaam' to him and praying namaaz on time to make him happy. The last one remaining got a present to take home. The two groups then swapped. At 4pm, all the children gathered together to cut a cake for the Prophet. There was an award for the two best behaved children, and they were also invited up to blow the candle on the cake! The children had also come dressed in an Arabian theme, and one boy and one girl were given an award for best costume too! The program wrapped up with Story Time, and then the children had some snacks. When leaving, all the children were handed a party bag with some birthday cake in it, to enjoy at home for dessert J. Khushali Mubarak everyone!

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Imam Redha (as) Activity Day – February 2010

On the 17th of February, 2010, the Children’s Islamic Library held an Imam Redha (as) Activity Day, especially for 7 to 10 year olds. The program began at 2pm; the children were welcomed in and invited to choose a book or game to read or play. Parents were also invited to peruse the wide range items that are available for children this age, from computer games to novels and DVDs. This was then followed by an introduction to the activity of the day – the children were shown how to make a small ‘zarih’ of Imam Redha (as) of their own, to keep in their room to remind them to offer Salaams to him every day. All the children enthusiastically took on this project, decorating and personalising their zarihs. They topped it off by writing a summary of one of the Imam’s hadith on the top of the box.

The classic game ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ then followed, with each of the children taking turns to answer the mix of Islamic and General Knowledge questions – a lot of them did not even need the lifelines! The program wrapped up with Story Time, after which the children chose books and other items to borrow and enjoy at home.

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Sponsored Readathon Ceremony 2009

Date: 10th October, 2009

Venue: Dar-al-Tableegh

Over the summer of 2009, the Children's Islamic Library held a Sponsored Readathon, which encouraged children to read Islamic material, be it stories, novels or non-fiction, and raise money for the library at the same time.

Alhamdulillah, the incredible effort of 22 participants raised a whopping £962. This money has already gone towards stocking up the library with more CDs, DVDs, games and books, including books for parents and books for teenagers, as well as updating the website to include features such as the Gallery of Photos.

On the 10th of October, the library held a Ceremony to honour the participants. As families began arriving at 11am, they were invited to view and play with a selection of the new items that had been purchased with the sponsorship money. A group recitation of a few Suras by the children opened the Ceremony, and then the children were presented with Certificates, a bookmark and a book by Masuma Alloo. As is tradition in the library, this was followed by Story Time, after which refreshments were served and parents and children took the opportunity to use the library.

Please can we recite a Sura Fateha for the Marhumeen of the families of the participants and their sponsors, as a small way of saying "Thank You" for allowing the library to benefit so many families inshallah.

Look forward to the Sponsored Readathon of the Summer of 2010, Inshallah!

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Imam Mahdi (as) Fun Day – July 2009

In conjunction with Muslim Mums, the Children’s Islamic Library held a Fun Day in the beautiful gardens of Dar al Tableegh on the 31st of July, 2009. Mums and children started arriving at 11am. The garden was setup with football and cricket gear to one side, and a smaller children’s play area to another. This included lots of different activities such as a colouring and play dough table, a ball pool, a trampoline and more! Other activities were bouncy castle and face painting – definitely favourites for all ages!

At 11.30am, the surprise entertainment began – Pinky the entertainer captivated the children with her clown acts, magic tricks and finally, balloon shapes for everyone. After the show, the children all stood up for Imam Mahdi (as)’s birthday cake – special thanks to Fatma Nurmohamed for cutting the cake and leading the children in singing Happy Birthday! This was followed by a loud recitation of the Dua of Imam Mahdi (as) by mothers and children alike.

A delicious lunch of pizza followed, after which the children made final rounds of all the different activities around them. The program ended at 1pm.

Alhamdulillah, the Fun Day was enjoyed thoroughly by all, with over 100 people attending, including 50 adults and 60 children.

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Bibi Fatemah (as) Activity Day – May 2009

On Friday, 29th of May, the Children's Islamic Library held its first Bibi Fatima (as) Activity Day. As everyone began to arrive, the children watched an Islamic children’s movie. Once there was a full house the children immersed themselves in Arts and Crafts commemorating Bibi Fatima's wafat. The younger ones made a card depicting the garden of Fadak and the older children made Bibi Fatima’s Family Tree.

With the weather finally living up to the Met Office's forecast of a BBQ summer, the children were able to utilize Dar-al-Tableegh's beautiful garden to let off some steam. This was followed by a snack and drink and then story time and circle time.

In addition to these planned activities, the children also had access to all puzzles and games and of course the wide range of books offered by the library. It was a fun-filled day of learning for the children and a welcome break for the mums.

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Ramadhan Activity Day – Ramadhan 2006

The Children’s Islamic Library held a Ramadhan Activity Day for an older age group (5-10years). Leading up to the day, the Library held a story writing competition for them, inviting them to write a story about “Ramadhan at School”. The program began with an arts and crafts activity – the children were given little shaped boxes to decorate and were given dates to place inside the box. They then wrote out or decorated a letter explaining the concept of fasting and Ramadhan to a non-Muslim. These boxes and letters were then given to a non-Muslim neighbour by the children.

An exciting game of Islamic Taboo then followed, where the children were split into two groups. A member of each group had to come up and have their team guess the word they were given, without using the word itself or 5 other related words.

The prize winners of the competition (which was judged during the earlier activities) were then awarded their prizes, and the activity day ended with story time. Alhamdulillah, all the children enjoyed the activities geared towards their age group.

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Open Day – July 2006

A separate event was also held for mothers with younger children. This started off with Circle time with Islamic rhymes and songs. The mothers were then invited to view the library, and there were various toys and games for the toddlers, both inside and outside Dar al Tableegh, for the children to play with. Refreshments were served outside and the day ended with story time

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Open Day – May 2006

The Children’s Islamic Library held three separate open days for mothers and children at Dar al Tableegh, on the 20th, the 27th and the 30th of May, 2006.

The open days started off at 2.30pm with a movie for children about the story of Habil and Qabil. At 3pm, the mothers and children were then invited to go around and participate in different activities taking place around Dar al Tableegh. These activities included arts and crafts, colouring, crosswords, puzzles and garden play. Mothers and children were also invited to view the contents of the Children’s Islamic Library, including novels for older children, board books for little ones, books on parenting, a range of DVDs and CDs, puzzles and board games. Refreshments were served and the day ended with story time at 4pm.

The events were very successful Alhamdulillah, with people from as far as Peterborough and Mill Hill signing up. The library collected feedback from the mothers who indicated that the library was much-needed, and would be thoroughly used and enjoyed by the children.

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