The Children’s Islamic Library is an excellent resource for the children Not only does it give the children access to Islamic Reading Material, both fictional and non fictional, but the Library frequently arranges activities, which coincides with school holidays, such as story time and fun days. The latest fun day was a huge success, enjoyed by both children and mother alike. My kids said "the bouncy castle as awesome," "playing cricket and football was so much fun, and the chicken pizza was delicious!"

- Anees Somji

A great way to make learning Islamic concepts for children fun! My kids loved the story time at the Islamic library as it was a very relaxed atmosphere and they could ask questions as the story went along. There were also activities for them to do before and after. The books there have also helped me explain questions to my son/daughter such as why do Muslims wear hijab? Keep up the good work.

- Azmina Mawjee

I think the children's library is a great success as it offers a variety of material suitable for all ages, so all three of my children easily find something of interest and to be honest, I do too! It is reassuring and relaxing to know that the material there is all Islamically relevant and doesn’t have to be 'screened' as it does elsewhere. The Islamic DVDs and board games are also a great way to enhance family time spent together. Fun days and story time sessions organised by the library also bring the children together allowing them to have social time as a community. If you haven't been to the library already, I would highly recommend it to be high on your list of things to do with the kids!

- Farhanaz Merali

The Children's Islamic Library is like a dream come true for me! I'm always looking for islamic fun stuff for my children. All the books in the library are absolutely wonderful! There are islamic games, toys, films and much much more. I would say to the people out there, this is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss out on for your children; make the most of it! A great asset for future generations! This is what my kids have to say about the Children's Islamic Library:-

Anisah: The teenage books from the Children's Islamic library have inspired me and they help defeat everyday struggles that are faced by Muslims in today's society.
Saiba: Wow! The books in the library are really interesting. Face painting on the children at the Fun day was great fun too!
Mustafa: The Fun day was awesome! I got to play football with my friends, have my face painted and play on the bouncy castle.

- Sakina Shah

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